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Compliance Statement

Commitment of Paar Logistik GmbH


Compliance Statement

Paar Logistik GmbH herewith declares its unconditional commitment to compliance, in particular compliance with laws and regulations. Reliabity, integrity and compliance from the basis of the business conduct of Paar Logistik GmbH.
With this basis Paar Logistik GmbH wants to be a reliable and integer business partner. Thus, Paar Logistik GmbH sets the following focuses:

Fair Competition
This entails the commitment to competition with fair means and compliance with antitrust regulations

Integer Business Conduct
This entails in particular the commitment to fight against corruption.

Foreign Trade Law
This entails the commitment to compliance with all applicabie national and international foreign trade law regulations

Cooperation with Public Authorities
Paar Logistik GmbH particularly strives to cooperative relationships with public authorities; this includes an open and transparent contact with public authorities

Respect of Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights of third parties will be respected

No Conflict of interests
Employees of Paar Logistik GmbH separate private interests from company interests; in particular in relation to business contacts to third parties only objective criteria are decisive

Respectful and fair treatment
Paar Logistik GmbH emphasizes a friendly, respectful and fair treatment; this entails in particular the commitment to fight discrimination

Paar Logistik GmbH ensures an effective and sustainable implementation of its Compliance Prevention Structures by way of a Compliance Action Plan and ensures to reach its Compliance Goals. This entails in particular Compliance Trainings for Paar Logistik GmbH employees as weil as the definition and establishment of processes and procedures to ensure and maintain its high compliance standards.

We are convinced that Paar Logistik GmbH can only carry out a beneficial, sustainable and successful business by following the aforementioned principles. These principles from the basis for professional performance on highest level by Paar Logistik GmbH.

Herbert Franke
Managing Director Paar Logistik GmbH

Download ComplianceMission Statement.pdf [270 KB]